Symbol:  B
Group #:  13
Group Name:  Metalloid
Atomic #:  5
Mass #:  11
Atomic Mass:  10.81

Electron Configuration:  1s22s22p1

N=6       P=5
Physical Properties:
  • boiling point:    3650oC
  • melting point:    2180oC
  • density:    2.3 gms/cc
  • radioactivity:  7-9B, 12-17B
  • color:    brownish
  • odor:    none
  • hardness:    low
  • brittle:
  • malleability:

  • Chemical Properties: (Click here for Demonstrations!! )
    Boron was discovered by L.J. Thenard and J. L. Gay - Lussau.  It is a man made element which is obtained from the ore/compound borax.  Boron doesn't exist in a free state of nature but it's compound borax where it can be found in plants.
    Boron is essential in the growth of plants.  It is in fertilizers.  Boron, if added to steel, can make steel harder.  Boron's isotope, B10, is an additive in rocker fuel.  It is also used in Viagra.  The isotope, B11, is used to detect atomic reactors.
    Asimov, Issac (1981).  Boron.  In the New Age Encyclopedia (Bol. 3, pp.163). Library of Congress:  New Age Encyclopedia.
    Don S.

    June 6, 2000